This album is a selection of 13 tracks from the Analog Trenton project. These tracks were recorded directly to magnetic tape, mixed, mastered and the vinyl stampers cut completely in the analog realm with no digital processing. Recorded over six months at multiple locations, this diverse collection of music is an authentic record of a living and growing music scene. The full set of 40 tracks is available via the download card inside and all major streaming platforms.

Analog Trenton also features the work of [insert number] area artists! The packaging, labels and inserts feature original art showcasing the talent and vision of the city.

Side 1

Coach's Son • Be Still Cody
Bern and the Bastards • Die! / Fishtown is for Fuckers
Black Collar w/ DJ ItsJustAhmad • Head Nod
Molly Rhythm • Ghost's Laugh
Buy Nothing • No Lead
Beni Jusu • Garden State

Side 2

Over Everything • The Tragedy Show
Sick Shit • Flocculent / Wastrel
Kahlil Ali • That Night
Pissed • Hands Up
Elissa Janelle Velveteen • Hit the Deck
The Weathered Underground • Meghna
Doris Spears • Betty's Lament

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