Recorded over six months at multiple locations, Analog Trenton's 40 tracks capture the live experience and raw energy of Trenton NJ's vibrant DIY music scene. Recorded directly to magnetic tape and mixed in 100% analog, this diverse collection of music is an authentic record of a living and growing music scene.

Analog Trenton also features the work of 27 area artists! The packaging, labels and inserts feature original art showcasing the talent and vision of the city.

CD 1
Elissa Janelle Velveteen • Hit the Deck
Buy Nothing • No Lead
Kahlil Ali • That Night
Coach's Son • Be Still Cody
Bern the Bastard • I am Not a Rock
Over Everything • The Tragedy Show
Caleb Ray Walker • If I was the Weatherman
Data_Wolf • When Everything Falls Apart Part 2
Black Collar w/ DJ ItsJustAhmad • Head Nod
Doc Rotten • Murphy's Law
Erin Incoherent • Destroy
Joy on Fire • Thunderdome
Dirty Old Robot • Meaning
Party Show • Shit About Dick
Tina Francine • Ode to my Lover
Roebus One • Piggys
Stampy Goblyn • Red Reflections
Wade Wilson w/ Al Simmons • Control
Joshua Adair • Black White Green and Red
Doris Spears • Betty's Lament

CD 2
Bern and the Bastards • Die! / Fishtown is for Fuckers
Nikki Nailbomb • Cravings
Beni Jusu • Garden State
Aloysius • Improv #1
Molly Rhythm • Ghost's Laugh
Jessica MF Stanley • You Are What Makes You Sick
Kahlil Ali w/ Brett Williams • For Kahlil
Lori Lynx • K9 Unit
Raymond Strife x iLL-Omega • Trenton Analog
Sick Shit • Flocculent / Wastrel
Liz Cisco • Why Am I
Destroylet • Fuck My Eggs
Bern the Bastard & Nikki Nailbomb • Necktie for a Noose / As Seen on TV
Groomers • Final d00d
Synthétique • Apocalypse Found
Pissed • Hands Up
Colette Rybinski • Head and Heart
True Will • Cab Fare
Skelly • St. Vitus
The Weathered Underground • Meghna

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